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Edgardo Velez, Florida and South Carolina licensed Medicare and Veterans' specialist insurance agent
Eddie Velez (727) 459-1887

YourCareRep.com was founded by Edgardo (Eddie) Velez. Having been his mother’s caregiver for the last three years of her life, taught Eddie that Medicare benefits are confusing and it’s easy to make a bad decision with huge ramifications. Eddie believes his mother would be alive today had he understood all the moving parts that comprise Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Extra Help and Medicare Savings Programs. This motivated Eddie to get licensed.

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After becoming licensed in Florida, where he resides, and in Georgia, South Carolina where he lived after being discharged from the Marine Corps in 1992, Tennessee and Texas, Eddie learned another aspect he did not come across when caring for his mother – veterans and Medicare.

Being a veteran who receives VA benefits and medical services, he thought like many veterans do, “I have the VA to take care of me, I don’t need to worry about Medicare when my time comes at 65." After all, if you can keep the money in your social security check, well, for many a veteran it’s the difference of making ends meet or not.

However, 1 in 17 veterans receiving VA benefits do not get dental. Knowing this from personal experience, when asked if he would be willing to help veterans with Medicare, Eddie thought, “They’re covered with VA benefits, why would they want Medicare?” Then he started to speak with veterans and realized the huge gap in benefits and the reality. It’s not just the lack of dental, there are 12 reasons why veterans need Medicare along with their VA benefits.

This became a mission for Eddie and YourCareRep.com. To help the senior, so that what happened to his mother doesn’t happen to anyone he may be privileged to help, and to help fellow veterans get the complete care they need, all while saving as much money as possible.

Welcome to YourCareRep.com!

Glenda Carroll

Glenda Carroll (727) 297-0069

Glenda Carroll is a native Floridian. Growing up, her family ran a non-profit from their home called Traverse. It helped traumatized and underprivileged children to overcome the suffering and pain from drugs, abuse and other circumstances no child should have to endure. This affected Glenda and made her become a social justice warrior. She had a heart for people and wanted to make a difference.

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Glenda became an insurance agent because of this passion. When asked about why, she said, “At first, it was to help my family. But the more I got involved, the more I saw a need that many were not filling. They didn’t understand the ramifications for their health and retirement, and like Traverse, I wanted to be able to do something about it.”

There are few things more satisfying than helping someone and knowing you made a difference. That’s the kind of joy that makes one get up in the morning with a purpose.

Denise Simanca

Denise Simanca (215) 350-4416

Medicare is a complicated maze. So many people, like Eddie and me, learn about it because of caring for a loved one. Like Eddie, I also cared for my mom in the final year of her life. Having to learn about Medicare was an eye-opening experience. Now I know why so many people struggle with it and make life-changing decisions by mistake, for lack of knowledge and guidance. This prompted me to become a health agent, specializing in the Medicare arena.

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I chose to join the YourCareRep LLC team, because of the common goal Eddie and I are passionate about: making sure we educate and help as many people as possible, so they make the best choices when it comes to their benefits and avoid being manipulated by any bad actor. It’s such a satisfaction we I see a member of our YourCareRep family smile and thank me for helping them. They say, “Now I understand it! Thank you!”

I am a native of Philadelphia (go Phillies…sorry Tampa Bay Rays), but today I proudly call Lakeland, Florida my home. I am married and have three children and two wonderful grandchildren, who I love enjoying the sunshine and palm trees with.